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New Bio-Pop Single, Jellyfish Lake! The one you’ve all been waiting for! This teaser video of found footage is simply to share how absolutely incredible this place is, so you know WHY we had to devote this song to it. Anyone wanna take us to Palau this winter? Love to all of you all the time! xo, Ashlynn and Emily

Suspicious Package presents “Hummingbird” - the first in their series of Bio-Pop. The mission of Bio-Pop is to create pop music and entertainment that features the magic of biodiversity and nature!

"Bird of Prey" music video is released!

Suspicious Package presents the second video in their Bio-Pop series. The mission of Bio-Pop is to create pop music and entertainment that features the magic of biodiversity and nature!


"Bird of Prey" written and produced by: Suspicious Package & Jordan B
Samples a beat by: Taan Newjam
Directed/ co-edited by: Andrew Strasser
Edited by: Tessa Greenberg
Filmed by: Andrew Strasser and Kevin Hayden at Brooklyn Fire Proof Studios
Prod Mngr: Sydney Buchan
Grip: Isaac Ravishankara

Harris Hawks and Saker Falcon appear courtesy of Mike Dupuy Falconryhttp://mikedupuyfalconry.com/

Special Thanks to Brooklyn Fire Proof, Mike Dupuy Falconry, our Kickstarter backers, and on-set assistants- weloveyou.

Contact: thegirlz@suspiciouspackage.info

Bird of Prey mastered!

Our new song is ready for you to download & enjoy - listen to it here: http://soundcloud.com/suspicious-package/bird-of-prey-by-suspicious-package

Ashlynn posted a new myspace music page to showcase just a drop of the brilliant vocal and musical artistry that is Ashlynn Manning! It’s filled with in-progress Suspicious Package glimmers and unpolished gems, like this improv that she recorded! There’s even a FIRST DRAFT of Hummingbird (unmixed)! Now that’s ballsy!

We have a launched a Kickstarter campaign: we have 30 days to raise funding for our new music video that honors birds of prey and the majesty of dance! Won’t you please support us? Any pledge amount counts! We made this video to explain the project and created all sorts of exclusive prizes you can get if you make a pledge

Please have a look at our new Kickstarter campaign!

With your help we can make a music video for “Bird of Prey” worthy of the incredible birds who inspired it!

NEW BIO-POP SONG “Bird of Prey” with a teaser video of random test footage! Enjoy! :)

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